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Founded by Kenny Libby, back in 1999, opened a local contractor supply company in Atlanta, GA named Summit Supplies. After many years of selling reconditioned tools Summit Supplies approached Hitachi Power Tools with a proposal to take over the reconditioning of its returned products.  In the fall of 2007 an agreement was made and a new company, Reconditioned Sales, was created to provide this service to Hitachi Power Tools. Five years into this business the two companies were merged.  So in late 2012 Summit Supplies and Reconditioned Sales were combined to create Big Sky Tool.  This unification of the efforts of both companies enabled us to increase our product offering, provide better customer support and even more competitive pricing. You can get discounts on tools from big sky tools using discount coupons from Coupons Code. For more information on discount coupons on Big Sky Tools visit:

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