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LIC ® GF PP-R —— LPG Series  
LIC ® Glass-fiber reinforced PP-R is a new water pipe material with high properties, which uses random PP as base material, NM material and glass fiber as assistant material.
LIC ® Glass-fiber reinforced PP-R has excellent heat-resistance in heating systems. All grades can be used on standard extrusion and injection molding lines.
Key Features:  
1. High temperature resistance  
2. High rigidity and strength  
3. Low thermal conductivity  
4. Excellent expansion coefficient  
Typical Grades &Applications:
Grade Color Content of GF(%) Density  
    (g/cm3) MFR  
    (2.16KG/230℃, g/10min) Application
LPG2 Natural 25±1 1.1±0.03 5±1 Pipes for hot and cold water and heating systems
LPG4 Natural 30±1 1.13±0.03 4.5±1 Pipes for hot and cold water and heating systems
PS:The listed data are typical production values. Tailor-made formulations to specific customers’ requirements are possible.
For specific Technical Data Sheet, please contact us.  Modified Material
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