Wrap Buster, Hoof Wrap Remover, Bandage Buster

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Wrap Buster, Hoof Wrap Remover, Bandage Buster


The blade
Stainless steel blade is replaceable and held in place by 2 stainless steal bolts and nuts. Edge is sharpened on both sides for cutting from multiple angles. Rounded tip offers resistance and keeps wrap from sliding without being cut. Rounded tip is non-sharpened to allow personnel to slide between leg and wrap without injury to livestock. 

The handles
The aluminum handle is rust resistant. Molded rubber grip for comfort when cutting sraps off the livestock’s foot. The hole at the top enables the WRAP BUSTER to be hung almost anywhere. Aluminum handle comes in two lengths: 18″ handle for parlor use on back feet. 48″ handle for use in headlocks, free-stalls or parlors on front feet.

Simple to use
Slide blade between livestock’s foot/leg and wrap.Pull blade back swiftly to cut and remove wrap without having to bend down.

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