Brick wall cleaning services in Essex

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Are you the owner of a building that has a beautiful brick façade? Or rather, a brick façade that was once beautiful but has now fallen prey to the vagaries of time, the climate, vandalism or graffi

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Brickwork & stone cleaning using DOFF cleaning System -London & Essex

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Basildon Stone has been working with Doff cleaning systems for many years. DOFF is a perfect solution for buildings suffering from all kinds of dirt and grime, including algae and moss growth, fu

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Brick Cleaning London

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Basildon stone offers some of the best brick cleaning London have to offer. Our team are experts at removing substances such as graffiti, moss, and various other unwanted substances, leaving your

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Stone & Brick Cleaning Services in the UK using TORC

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Your building suffers a lot over the years, with pollution, natural growths like moss and algae, and dirt and grim all affecting its appearance. And when it comes to cleaning those old and impres

Brick and Brick Wall Cleaning Services in London & Essex

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Brick and Brick Wall Cleaning Services in London & EssexThe appearance of your building will be affected over time from pollutants such as traffic, extreme weather conditions,